About Us

Amaricar Engineering & Systems Pvt Ltd

We are a family owned group of companies engaged in manufacturing,trading,import-export,distribution and representation in business from 1950s.

  • We manufacture industrial gases/medical oxygen.
  • Trade in industrial gases,refrigerant gases,chemicals,engineering goods and hotel products.
  • We sell total plant&machinery for chemical/pharmaceutical,food,marine,mineral,petroleum industries.
  • Process equipment like cooling towers, boilers,thermic fluid heaters,vacuum pumps,
  • Air handling equipment like centrifugal/axial fans,electro
  • Air Conditioning and,evaporative cooling systems for buildings & factories.
  • Refrigeration systems,chillers/ice flake machines systems for process ,marine/sea food industries.
  • Material handling systems like conveyors,cranes,storage,trolleys,etc. for various application.
  • Pollution control systems for air,water and waste water treatment.
  • Pipes & pipelines:copper plumbing,cast iron/ductile iron pipes,fittings and valves for water and waste water and fire fighting.
  • Sub contract supplies to Hvac/Mep industry like cooling towers,air washers,vibration control products,piupes,fittings and valves.
  • Hote/canteen/commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen ventilation.
  • Hotel/commercial laundry equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Hotel guest room amenities like LED interactive tvs,minibars,safes,mattresses and beds,shaving mirrors,kettles/trays,hair dryers,i home docks and media players etc.
  • Epabx systems and telephones for corporate cos. and hotels,hospitals.
  • Signage&Display Solutions:Led display monitors,signage tvs,video wall,projectors,video projectors,touch screen kiosks etc.
  • Banquet and hotel furniture like conference chairs,tables,stages,dance floors,trolleys,food service/room service equipment and trolleys.

We are engaged in import-export of gems and jewelry,commodities,consumer and industrial products across the globe with associate offices in U.K.,U.S.A.,Europe,Middel East,Sri Lanka,South East Asia and Far East.

This company-Amaricar Engineering and Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been acting as manufacturers' representative for range of machinery,equipment and products catering to all type of industries, Star hotels, Hospitals, Shopping malls, I.T/Infrastructure .cos.government cos.,builders, Civil/MEP/Hvac/Electrical/Water,Waste Water/Fire Fighting, Piping, Plumbing contractors, defense/research establishments, retail sectors etc.

For the above we are authorized sales and service representative for leading manufacturers and suppliers from India and around the world. We are pleased to offer you the best best brands from around the globe with unmatched product quality and full service back-up.