Edge Plus Table Edging - Banquet tables

  • Edge plus uses leading german technology to bring affordable, versatile solutions that look good, last longer and offer a virtually endless stream of design possibilities.

  • Edge plus allows endless design possibiliies. The polyurethane edging is chemical, heat and moisure resistant making it hygienic and serviceable.
Edge Plus Table Edging

Edge Plus injection moulded edging gives you so much more than traditional table tops in terms of shape, versatility and freedom of design. It provides utltimate durability as the edging sytem is bonded directly to substrate.

Edge Plus Allows for clean and seamless edges, is virutually indestructible and it offers high impact strength. The colours is full depth and will not fade or scratch.

Edge Plus offer ergonomic designs shapes and profiles. Designed to suit banqueting conference and hospitality tables.

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